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I just read your posting today about the recent Air Force coming out about having training operations in the air in Texas on the night of January 8th. A credible debunking element that was missing from your article, which begs some public examination, is the number and type of aircraft described by the Air Force as being on training sorties that night.

If we assume that the Air Force is lieing to reduce interest in the Texas UFO story, then we can also assume that they described ten F-16s as the offending aircraft because they can then say that a large group of small aircraft flying in formation could be mistaken on the ground for one large object in the sky. That would be my strategy if I were them. I can't find the direct Air Force press release, and I don't see any claim by the Air Force that all ten aircraft were alleged to be in the sky at once. That seems to be what we are led to believe however, and for the reason above, is what they'd probably want us to believe or assume.

If true, the question begging for explanation now is why there were ten F-16s in the sky at once in the first place? About the only time ten F-16s take to the sky at the same time is when the whole wing is moving from one base to another. Training is very expensive-flight/maintenance hours, jet fuel, flight operations on the runway, etc. It also becomes a logistical and safety issue to put that many planes up at the same time.

You send up one pilot, or a pair, have then run their sortie and bring them back. Then the next plane or small group goes. Ground crews manage the take off and recovery in small numbers at a time and the air operations become safer. That's usually the way it's done, particularly in reserve force training which has less money to spend on such things.

Not only is it a logistical and cost issue for training, but F-16 pilots train in pairs and fours because they fight in pairs and fours. Modern fighter and strike aircraft don't fight in groups of ten. So if they really did have ten planes up, and they weren't going somewhere else, then it was not a training exercise. It was a scramble.

Mike in Nebraska



The Air Force at first said there was no military aircraft in the area that night, and then said, just to clear the air, we had ten F-16s in the area that night. I find that very unbelievable, and I will explain.

I worked at General dynamics / Lockheed-Martin from 8-16-76 to 8-31-06-30 years. I saw many F-16s fly out daily, never in this period of time did I ever see more than 4 F-16s fly out at one time. I find their comeback of having 10 F-16s in the area that night very unbelievable. Very seldom did I ever see them fly out at night . No one I've talked to has ever seen ten F-16s in formation anytime, even on 9-11-01, when the Air Force was on full alert. This is just the next cover-up by the US government.

Name withheld

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