Recent UFO Sighting Reports from Texas
UFO Sighting... 01-10-08-Witness was waiting in her PU Truck about dusk for her husband to finish plowing and when she looked up from reading a book, she saw six lights in the sky that appeared to be headlights.

They moved from her right to directly in front of her and disappeared like a light switch was turned off. She saw no aircraft in the sky before or after the lights appeared and left. source:


Sighting... 01-17-08-I was traveling northbound on my way to work that morning. The road visibility was excellent but the skies were overcast and the sunlight had not broken the dark, grey cloud cover. As I was going to make a left turn to the main gate entrance, I saw five lights in the sky.

They were bright and white, very low to the ground, and traveling north. The lights were arranged in a some sort "V" shape, but it looked like a backwards checkmark. Also, I could here no sound coming from the lights. I then decided to go up to the main office since it is at a higher elevation, but when I got there I did not see the lights again.

I told some of my co workers about the sighting but they just laughed at me and did not take it seriously, except for one. source:


Sighting... 01-08-08-Witness, her Mom and younger brother were driving home about 7:10 p.m. on the 8th of January 2008. They topped a small hill and saw big scattered blinking lights in front of them very close to the ground. The stopped the car and watched the lights blink on and off a few times.

Then the lights lined up in front of them in a row and blinked out. The lights were a bright yellow, very large and very bright. source:

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