UFO Sightings in Stephenville, Texas, Keep the City and Nation Abuzz
UFO By Jennifer Litz


January 16, 2008 Podcast

MUFON's Steve Hudgeons on Mandatory FM Morning Show by Pamela Hollinger et al.

MUFON Texas senior field investigator Steve Hudgeons talks about the recent UFO sightings in Stephenville, Texas, and his impending trip to investigate there. Interviewer: Jennifer Litz Year: 2008 Length: 17:26 minutes (20.44 MB) Format: mp3 stereo 160 Kbps 44.1 kHz (cbr) UFO sightings in Stephenville, Texas, have put the small city outside Fort Worth on the map of late. (Photo: Jonas Hamm) It happened a week ago, but the nation’s papers are just reporting on it now. Now, representatives from the Mutual UFO Network are visiting Stephenville, just outside of Fort Worth, Texas, to investigate one of the most nationally talked-about UFO sightings in recent history.

Witnesses claim to have seen blinking lights and a fast-moving object last Jan. 8; it was first reported on by the city’s local Empire-Tribune. National outlets like the Washington Post, FOXNews, and MSNBC have since picked the story up. MUFON’s Steve Hudgeons told Pamela Hollinger, co-host of the Mandatory Morning Show on Stephenville’s KCUB radio station, that national attention has mounted in this case due to the credibility of reporting witnesses. Local Constable Lee Roy Gaitan was one.

“I don’t even know if I’m coming or going, I don’t even know what day it is,” Gaitan says of all the media attention he’s gotten of late. His cell phone voicemail is full, but he continues to return missed calls, even if he doesn’t recognize the call number. “I could easily not answer them, but I don’t like to be that way,” Gaitan says. On Tuesday night, it was almost 5 p.m. when he was first able to sit down to a meal of spaghetti out of a can.

Gaitan says a glowing red light first caught his eye last Tuesday evening around 7, when he was on his way to rent a movie. He saw a glowing red light about 500 yards away, above a tree line. He went back inside his house to tell his wife, and when he returned outside, the red light was replaced with silvery white flashing lights, 3 to 5,000 feet in the sky.

“They danced around, appeared, reappeared,” Gaitan says. “I sat there watching three or four minutes, got my binoculars from the car . . . I was having trouble keeping up with them. We counted nine or 10 of those strobe lights. They were spread out in the sky, about a half a mile, a quarter of a mile. And after a while, they formed a formation, not a single line; they were still flashing, but not bouncing around like they had been.

“And then it took off—it appeared they were attached, because they all left at the same time. Shot off in the northeast direction, at a very high-rate speed, I couldn’t even keep up with the binoculars . . . I’m thinking they were some kind of military maneuvers, maybe some kind of experiment . . . .”

Gaitan describes having told “his judge,” who convinced him to talk to the local paper. They told Gaitan, he says, that nobody else had reported anything of the sort. Gaitan later mentioned it to an officer in Stephenville. The next morning, that officer called Gaitan to tell him someone had done a story on other locals’ sightings. Then the Associated Press called him.

MUFON is a four-decade-old nonprofit corporation dedicated to “resolving the scientific enigma known collectively as unidentified flying objects.” The agency’s Texas senior field investigator, Steve Hudgeons, will visit Stephenville Saturday to interview some witnesses.

In the meantime, locals have shown as much interest in the sightings as national media outlets, calling into KCUB’s Mandatory Morning Show with questions for Hudgeons (listen to the podcast below), and talking about it wherever they go.

At the Literary Lion, an antiquarian bookstore in this small city 70 miles southwest of Fort Worth, patrons are scouring sci-fi titles more and clamoring for UFO discussion classes. “We do discussion groups here, book groups, and my customers had expressed an interest in doing a group on [UFOs] this week or next,” says owner Sarah Cannady. “It’ll be a little different from our Shakespeare class. And for the record, I didn’t see any UFOs.”

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