Texas UFO Sighting Still Making News
UFO Diary Entry by Ed Komarek

The Texas sighting of a huge mile long craft is still making national and international mainstream news. The fact that this is even being covered at all is news in itself and is puzzling UFO/ET investigators. Investigators are asking, is there a change in the wind.

The recent sightings of a huge mile long and half mile wide craft in Texas are still making national and international news. This AP article is the latest in a series of mass media coverage of this sighting.

The real news is that the mainstream corporate media is covering it at all, as this sort of thing is going on all the time all over the planet. Even more puzzling is that the mass media is not downplaying and ridiculing as much as has been the case in the past. UFO/ET investigators have had their credentials ignored, been called believers, buffs, armatures and have had essential facts distorted by the mainstream propaganda press all the while the debunkers have been elevated and had their credentials flouted so as to lend credence to the debunkers deceptive practices.

Obviously to the well informed this subject is being propagandized and suppressed on orders from the highest levels and this has been going on for 60 years proved by the governments own declassified documents. It's good to see the military on the hot seat for a change and being caught in their propagandizing of the public even though the mass media complicity itself is just as much to blame for the current public ignorance of the subject.

People are catching on to how they are being propagandized and manipulated by the corporate - government media and now are flocking to alternative media on the Internet such as OpEd News. Thank God for the Internet Newspapers and other media.

For those that want to keep up with the sightings in Texas just do a google search.

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