Unknown Object & Planes Seen over Texas-01-13-08
UFO Around 10:40 PM, temperature around 40 degrees. Large bell-shaped object moving around FM 205. Shortly after disappearance, another jet team flew by same as JAN. 8th sighting. They flew about a mile above the ground, less than half a mile apart going south-southwest.

I was sitting inside my house watching TV when I heard my Blue Heeler barking uncontrollably and heard my horse's galloping about the pasture. I went out on my back porch to see what was going on and saw the "UFO" hovering about half a mile above ground in the pasture next to our house.

It had oval-shaped bright, white lights that danced about. Often making triangle shapes and then submerging into one bright light. I figured it had been there for quite some time seeing as for about a half-hour my electronics in my house were making strange humming noises and having satellite disturbances with my Direct TV.

I heard the jets from a distance, looked like they were coming from the Ft.Worth area. When I looked at the jets and looked back to the hovering UFO, its lights blinked 4 times, went black and quickly shot off to the south towards Hico. source: www.mufon.com

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source: www.mufon.com

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