01-21-08-More Texas Sightings Posted
UFO Sighting 1...

01-05-At approximately 11 pm, we were driving home from a ski trip and were going to spend the night in Amarillo. We were driving south on 385 approximately 35-40 minutes outside of Amarillo when my husband awakened me to show me a strange appearing string of lights to the west. It appeared to be approximately a mile long and the lights were arranged in pairs (I counted 35 pairs).

The red lights would fade on and off together, cycling about 1-2 seconds. The string of lights never moved, and it was difficult to tell exactly how far away it was since distance can be deceiving late at night. We are not aware of any kind of structure like that in the area and we have traveled this road many times and never saw this before. At the time, we were the only vehicle traveling south on this road (it's a backtop road that connects Amarillo to Channing).

We were very curious about the object from the moment we could see it until we passed it and it was out of sight. The object remained stationary the whole time and we never could come up with a plausible explanation. When we heard about the Stephenville incident that occurred on Jan 8th, we immediately thought of the object we had seen on Jan 5th. The massive size and light configuration matched exactly what we saw. I spoke with Steve Allen and told him of what we had seen and he said he is aware of the backtop road we were driving on, and says there is nothing but land in that area.

Sighting 2...

01-19-We left together from fiance's house in Stephenville near HEB around Green View Additions. I went the wrong way and turned left on 377. Then we went over the bridge and turned left on Harbin Rd. Went over the railroad tracks. Drove past Swan St.and noticed it to the left of us about 500 feet up (I WOULD SAY IT WAS SITTING RIGHT OVER HEB MAYBE.)

It was hovering in place.It was amber in color with the color moving throughout it. We didn't stop. I couldn't drive down the road straight because we where looking at it. I called my brother and told him what we saw and where it was so he could see it. No noise was heard.

Sighting 3...

01-20-Driving home with my wife Mary on McKinney Rd, heading SE from the intersection of Mayhill Rd, before making a left hand turn onto Grissom Rd, a large, chevron-shaped, glowing, amber colored object flew directly past us overhead, along our same SE direction of travel. The sighting lasted just long enough for us to look up through the front windshield and remark on it-approximately 2 seconds.

The height and size of the object is impossible for us to properly determine. However, a rough estimate would make it about the size of an aspirin at arm's length, and 1,500 ft in altitude.

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