UFO Team Asks if the Truth is out There-in Stephenville, Texas
UFO By Matt Frazier

Star-Telegram Staff Writer

Photograph-Corie White/Stephenville Chamber of Commerce
Stephenville residents are having some fun with their recent reports of UFOs in their fair city. Here, it seems an alien life form has taken over city hall. (That's actually city secretary Cindy Stafford.)

Strange lights over Stephenville? There's more to the story

The Texas chapter of the Mutual UFO Network is looking for people who have seen strange flying objects in the Stephenville area, about 70 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

A pilot, the county constable and business owners all insist that they saw a brightly lit, silent object about a mile long and a half-mile wide, flying low and fast.

"I've received more phone calls on this than on anything else in the past 15 years," said Kenneth Cherry of Keller, director of the UFO network's Texas chapter. "Normally we send one person to investigate a sighting. For this one, we are sending four or five investigators."

The group will begin talking to witnesses at 1 p.m. Saturday in a meeting room in downtown Dublin near the Dr Pepper plant.

To report a sighting, call Cherry at 817-379-0773, fill out a report form at www.mufon .com, or send your report to the UFO Casebook.

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