Man Claims to Have Video of Alleged UFO near Stephenville, TX
UFO Carol Cavazos DUBLIN, Texas (CBS 11 News) ? The military now says it was training over Stephenville the night dozens of people reported seeing UFOs.

But a video surfaced yesterday of the so-called sighting.

The man who captured the alleged UFO did not want to be identified, so he handed the video over to Seven Allen, a private pilot.

In response to the military's explanation of the UFO sightings, Allen said, "It's terrible they can't keep track of ten F-16s better than that. I can tell you where my dog is at the moment."

In the video, the UFO constantly changes shape. "It probably has the ability to do what it pleases," Allen said.

The Mutual UFO Network looked at pictures of the video and said there was nothing remarkable about them, but has not seen this latest video yet.

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