Witnesses Don't Buy Military Explanation
UFO By Armando Duke

(AXcess News) Houston - Air Force Reserve officials at the Joint Reserve Base Naval Air Station in Fort Worth had denied any activity by the military the night of January 8th when UFO sightings were reported near Stephenville, but now they're saying otherwise, that what people saw were U.S. military reserve F-16 pilots on night maneuvers, though many UFO witnesses aren't buying into it.

At the time of the Stephenville Texas UFO sightings on January 8th, the military said their weren't any scheduled maneuvers, yet several eyewitness accounts as reported to the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, a research group that conducts scientific investigations into reported unidentified flying object sightings, had said that following the appearance of the UFOs, military jets appeared right behind them that seemed to be chasing the mysterious objects.

One Stephenville witness, a trained civilian pilot, described the UFO as" being very large and moving at a rate of speed twice that which military F-16 jets are capable of traveling at and omitted no sound as well." That observation hardly sounds like an F-16 jet from the Fort Worth Air Force reserve which is stationed at the Naval Base about 50 miles from Stephenville.

MUFON director Kenneth Cherry says there were more than 50 reports from locals at a meeting last weekend. Cherry is suspicious of the Air Force saying now, after two weeks, that they did have planes in the air that night, believing they spoke up because of all the publicity the UFO sightings have gotten from the press.

On MUFON's website, I searched forward through today and found descriptions from eyewitness accounts long after the January 8th UFO sighting outside Stephenville whose descriptions made me agree with Mr. Cherry, that the Air Force may indeed be covering something up, though what, I can't begin to imagine.

"I saw the UFO hovering about half a mile above ground around 10 pm," an eyewitness said. "I heard the jets from a distance, looked like they were coming from the Ft. Worth area. When I looked at the jets and looked back to the hovering UFO, its lights blinked 4 times, went black and quickly shot off to the south towards Hico."

This reported UFO sighting was not on the night of January 8th - but the following Wednesday - January 16th. The woman described the UFO as being a mile long, bell shaped with bright blinking lights. Does that sound like an F-16 military jet to you?

Steve Allen, the man interviewed by the Stephenville Empire-Tribune soon after the first UFO sighting was quoted today as saying, "I guarantee that what we saw was not a civilian aircraft." Allen, a trained pilot, said the area where they spotted the UFO on the night of January 8th was not a fly zone, so it couldn't possibly have been what the Air Force says were jet aircraft.

What ever people saw has made the U.S. military uneasy and it looks like the heat's not going to be turned off anytime soon.

This week Tarleton State University is hosting a lecture by a UFO researcher on the U.S. government's secret response to UFOs. The school says the lecture will take place January 24th at 7:30 titled, "UFO - The Secret Story". The University post a description of the lecture on its site saying, "This program is not science fiction, or based on mere speculation. Instead, it presents the starling facts about UFOs the government has secretly collected over the years, and explains why they were hidden from the public for so long."

The UFO lecture is expected to draw a standing room only crowd.

AXcess News is reporting on the Texas UFO sightings through a series of stories extending through Sunday. As in all our previous reports, if anyone has information or an experience they'd like to share, please email me as soon as possible and if you have any images send them as an attachment if you can. So far, we received well over 4,000 contacts and with that kind of interest in the UFO phenomena, we won't disappoint. Next, I hope to give readers more insight into the workings of the Texas chapter of MUFON and provide readers with an exclusive interview with Ken Cherry, a founding director.

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