1973 UFO Sighting Still Haunts Witnesses
Peggy Gibson shows path of UFO
PEGGY Gibson remembers that 1973 Friday night with startling clarity.

"It was the most startling thing I've ever seen in my life," she said.

"I'll never forget it."

Neither will her son, Gary, who was 13 at the time.

Her teenage son had bargained hard for a half a pizza to share with his older brother, Alex.

But the deal included Gary walking the short distance from the family home in Gladstone's Auckland Street down Bonar Street to the pizza house on Toolooa Street.

He didn't make the distance.

Confronting him at the intersection of Bonar and Auckland Streets was his first encounter with the third kind.

It was coming towards him, not making any noise at all and glowing with light.

When he summoned his mum at the top of the stairs he was ashen faced.

PEGGY said she had been living with her mum and dad and her three sons on that night when Gary arrived breathless and scared witless to call them out to see.

Peggy said she remembered it clearly.

"It was just after dark and we were watching Marcus Welby MD," she said.

"Gary had only been gone for a minute when he came running back up the stairs white as a sheet and pointed to something just two doors up on the opposite side of the street.

"And there was this round UFO with very bright lights.

"It stayed there for about three seconds, turned on its side and accelerated out over the harbour and across Facing Island.

"It was gone in about four seconds.

"It didn't make any noise at all."

Peggy said her son said he saw it coming towards him and raced back home.

"We rang the police and they came out to investigate but would only talk to Gary even though we all saw it," she said.

"People just look at me if I tell them about it.

"But I don't care. I know what we saw that night."

In recent times there have been a number of sightings of strange, airborne light phenomena.

Last year at the end of combined US Australia military exercise Talisman Sabre mysterious lights were seen off the Capricorn Coast towards North West Island.

The sightings prompted numerous calls to police.

Extensive checks with the defence department revealed that the military had no input into the lights' source.

Shortly after, a woman and her husband returning home from dinner on the Capricorn Coast near Yeppoon said they saw an extremely bright light in the north-western sky.

It disappeared but the woman declared it was so abnormal it wasn't natural.

Town of 1770 resident and UFO enthusiast Scott Bankier said during an interview in 2007 that the Town of 1770 area was rife with sightings

In any case Peggy Gibson, who still hits a tennis ball with casual grace, knows what she saw on that 1973 Friday night.

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