Unknown Object Photographed from Airplane over Arkansas
04-25-08-I was sitting in seat 1A on a flight from Wichitia, KS to Memphis, TN. The plane was a Canadair Regional Jet, entering the landing pattern in Memphis airspace. We were west of the Mississippi River, in the general area of West Memphis, Arkansas.

I noticed a bright light from ahead of the plane at about the 11 o'clock position. I could not tell what it was, but it looked as if it was reflecting the sunlight from a highly polished surface. It did not seem to be moving, but I did not see it for any length of time.

I keep my digital camera with me when I fly because some of the best things I have seen were from the window of an airliner. I tried to zoom in on the object, but could not find it in my screen, so I backed out the zoom fully and took the picture. The plane then banked left to its final approach to Memphis from the south, and I lost sight of it.

When I got home, I checked the picture on my computer and it is there, but the reflection is very diminished. From the picture, it looks like the object is on the Arkansas side of the river, across from Tunica, MS. I know the area somewhat, and am not familiar with any building which would have this appearance, since the object appears to be below the horizon in the picture. If you zoom into the picture, look on the right side, about halfway down. Unfortunately, the weather did not allow for the horizon to be distinguishable, so I cannot tell an accurate size or distance.

Photo from Airplane over Arkansas-UFO

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