Is This a UFO? Objects Photographed over Worcester
The colourful lights seen over Worcester were captured by News reader Andy Ball
7:19am Tuesday 1st July 2008

By Lauren Rogers

THIS cluster of colourful lights was spotted in the sky over Worcester as a city man was photographing clouds in the early hours.

It is the latest sighting of mysterious lights hovering over the county in the past two weeks, igniting rumours of UFOs.

The bright, cylindrical spots were captured on camera by Worcester News reader Andy Ball at 12.05am yesterday. The 19-year-old was taking photos of rare clouds from his home in Cherry Orchard, Worcester, when the lights appeared.

“I thought at first that they were spotlights; the sort you get at fairs, but there was no cloud at all, not even a haze present to reflect the light, therefore they must have been lights coming from the sky,” he said.

The lights stayed extremely still, before shifting from left to right then fading away. Mr Ball does not believe they were from aeroplanes, as earlier photos of plane lights were streaked and blurred.

“I'm very interested as to what this was,” said Mr Ball, “partly because I can discount most, if not all of the obvious. What with all the sightings of lights lately it does make me wonder.”

Last week, your Worcester News reported how dog walker Bonnie Lewis spotted mysterious objects flying over Bromsgrove. The 29-year-old filmed seven shapes - which made no sound and flashed different colours - in the sky at 10pm on Friday, June 20.

The sighting led UFO expert Michael Soper, of Contact International UFO Research, to call Worcestershire one of the best places to see mystery objects in the sky.

“There is no doubt that there is some stuff going on up there that’s difficult to explain within the bounds of normal meteorology,” said Mr Soper, who will now study Mr Ball’s pictures.

Noctilucent Clouds are clouds of ice particles that form at very high altitudes.

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