UFO Sighting in Creech St Michael
Witnesses to Creech St UFO lights
AN Unidentified Flying Object has been spotted above Creech St Michael.

Glen Cornell, who lives in Taunton, was at his girlfriend’s home with her parents when they spotted a strange array of lights from their back window at around 9.50pm on Saturday.

He said five of them watched as the orange lights appeared over a hedge.

“At first we thought it was a helicopter, but then another light appeared, and another, and another,” he said: “More kept appearing until there were about eight or ten of them – and they were absolutely silent.

“They came over from the hedge, over the house quite high up, we went out to the front and they carried on out towards Bridgwater.”

Glen said the lights were moving slowly into a straight line for about six minutes, and is eager to see if anyone else spotted them.

He added: “Quite a lot of military aircraft go over this area but they make a lot of noise and it was absolutely silent and calm.

“I definitely think it was a UFO – it was an unidentified flying object.

“It was very strange. When they were coming over I was shaking, I was scared, I had never seen anything like it before and we didn’t know what it was.

“I looked on the internet and there have been similar sightings a few miles away in Chard.

“They were definitely going over to Bridgwater and would have gone over the motorway so someone else must have seen them.”

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