Unknown Objects Photographed over Dorking, Surrey, Great Britain

Great Britain-08-23-08-On Saturday 23rd August 2008, my husband and I were having a BBQ with a group of friends in our garden in Dorking, Surrey, UK, when, around 21.05 hrs, one of our group happened to look upward and noticed bright orange objects (which to the naked eye appeared orb shaped) traveling silently across the night sky.

It was very dark at the time, but relatively clear and there was no wind at all.

We had no idea what they were, so I grabbed my video camera and captured some very interesting footage. When I zoomed in on them, the objects appeared flower shaped - a bright, orange, circular centre surrounded by smaller brighter orange circles (Iíve since extracted some intriguing stills from this footage).

Iíve trawled the internet for information and these things donít look like either chinese lanterns or fake ufo/weather balloons. We counted 20+ of them and they travelled (some in clusters, some separately) at a moderate pace and in a very controlled fashion across the night sky, only disappearing as they went past the high trees that surround our garden.

The 13 adults present were awe-struck, none of us had ever seen anything like this spectacle before, but the three children with us were really scared, fearing we were about to be invaded by aliens.

The footage I took looks far more detailed than the videos Iíve seen so far, did anyone else see these things or does anyone know what they could have been?

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