Close Encounters Continue at Scarborough in UK
UFO Hunter Russ Kellett
Published Date: 28 August 2008

By Ian Duncan

SCARBOROUGH is continuing to have close encounters after more reported sightings of strange objects in the sky. At the end of July there were reported sightings of a white glowing sphere above houses, travelling slowly in an easterly direction before disappearing into a sea fret.

Now, a witness has contacted the Evening News to say he spotted strange orange coloured lights above Scarborough Castle on the night of Friday August 15.

Adam Meads, a 30-year-old graphic designer from Burniston, said he had just dropped some items off at one of the North Bay chalets and was driving past the former site of the Corner Cafe when he saw the UFOs at 9.30pm.

He said: "There were two lights above the castle and they seemed to be stationary. They started moving so I got out of the car. I turned the engine off but I couldn't hear anything. They then flew out over the bay and they became four lights."

Mr Meads added the objects were fairly large and if they had been an aircraft then he would have heard the sound of engines. He said: "The light was orangey and they were big enough to notice that they were circular."

And similar lights were filmed on two separate occasions, later that same night, by former fighter pilot Win Keech.

Russ Kellett, a Filey-based UFO hunter, sent the clips to the Evening News for its website.

The first clip was filmed at about 10pm from Saltersgate, over RAF Fylingdales, and shows two orange balls of light which are very close together.

And the second clip was filmed about 30 minutes later from Whitby and shows the lights banking before flying out over Robin Hood's Bay.

Mr Kellett said: "It is an ex-pilot who filmed it, he knows what he's talking about. What was an aircraft doing in a no-fly zone, over Fylingdales?"

He added that sometimes mysterious lights in the sky can be explained as Chinese lanterns gas filled lights which float, have no means of propulsion, and are at the mercy of prevailing winds. "These are definitely not Chinese lanterns," he said.

"I would say that sightings go through peaks and troughs. About four years ago it peaked and we did have quite a few good sightings and videos as well."

Mr Kellett first became interested in the subject after he experienced a "close encounter" in West Yorkshire, in 1988 when he was waiting at a level crossing and was hit by a beam of light from above.

He thought nothing more of the event until the next day at work when people asked if he had seen himself in the mirror his face and hands were completely sunburned.

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