Unknown Object Seen by Two Witnesses in Great Britain

British Wave Great Britain-06-16-08-The first time I saw it I was letting the dog out in the front garden, I looked west in the sky and saw a white orb moving slowly easterly in the sky.

It was just there in the sky, at first I thought it was a plane until I saw it rapidly change direction moving northwest but staying at the same speed.

At this point, I knew it couldn't be a plane or helicopter, so I called my friend who was with me downstairs at the time to see. Then we both witnessed the object suddenly changed color to red then green, and shot directly up northwards at incredible speed and faded out.

The object made no sound nor did it leave any trail. This was the first time we saw the object.

The second time we saw it was about 15 minutes later and it was about another 2-3 miles north away from original sighting. This time it was white again and just hovering still. It looked smaller.

My friend commented that it was a star, until it suddenly turned green and shot off at great speed from a standstill in a straight line to the east. I ran through house to back garden to see it disappear out of view behind houses.

Again, the object made no sound nor did it leave any trail and both times it just suddenly turned from white, red, green, white green before zooming off - we were both quite shocked by this as it did not appear to be our technology.

I did manage to take a picture of it the second time but it just looks like a star in the sky - this was before it moved off, green at incredible speed.

I also managed to get a short video clip of it the second time, but you cannot see it on the video as it too dark.

I estimate it easily covered 20 miles of sky from standstill in about 7 seconds before going out view.

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