Hounslow UFOs Baffling Local Residents
Monday 21st July 2008-On New Years Eve 2007, strange lights above the Hounslow area confused local residents. The lights - as is so often the case vanished and showed no signs of returning. However in the last couple of weeks seemingly the same lights have re-appeared confusing and scaring local residents in an area in very close proximity to Heathrow Airport.

The objects have been best described as like small clouds, however moving in a way that could not be possible for a cloud, one resident also claimed to have heard a rumbling noise before looking up and witnessing the strange phenomenon above.

It appears that residents all over the borough have witnessed these strange lights which appear to not be lasers or any type of military training and are leaving the locals struggling to understand what it is that they are witnessing. One witness even claimed to have seen a type of laser shoot from one of the objects for a few seconds.

It remains to be seen if the sightings can be explained as unless UK airspace has been breached in a military manner then it is impossible to be sure as to the cause of the phenomenon, as the MInistry Of Defence do not investigate UFO cases unless a threat is apparent from the sighting - at least that is the official line! We at Compare Airport Parking will keep you updated on this story and any developments.

Published by: Jon Vickery

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