Mystery Lights in Huddersfield Sky
Aug 7 2008, by Joanne Douglas, Huddersfield Daily Examiner

STRANGE lights have been spotted in the sky above Huddersfield.

Four people say they saw an unidentified flying object after being woken by a loud noise on Sunday night.

Two people living in Marsh said that at first they thought it was a military aircraft.

But seconds later they saw a bright spherical white light higher up and which had two lights where wing tips might be.

On the same night a Newsome woman was alerted by a noise around the Newsome Road area.

She and her husband looked out to see a bright light with a smaller light connecting to it.

She said it then appeared to disappear in the distance around the Castle Hill area.

All three saw the UFO at about 11.15pm.

One of the Marsh residents said: “What was strange was seeing a bright spherical white light higher in the sky for a while that then disappeared.

“It looked almost like the first aircraft was either with it or investigating it.

“A few minutes later we saw another intensely bright spherical white light coming back towards us from the Castle Hill direction.

“We’re not definite enough on detail or what mix of unusual plane, UFO or astronomical phenomena this may have been.

“But two of us saw the same stuff and both thought it was very strange.”

The noise was heard above the Marsh and Edgerton areas with the object moving south-east.

It was described as sounding like a fast vehicle on a quiet road which turned into a low-flying aircraft making an unusual, Tardis-sounding noise.

The Newsome woman said: “I was woken by the noise and just saw a really bright light with a bit of a tail on it and a smaller light on the end.

“We were watching it for a few minutes, but it didn’t fly off it just went to dust and disappeared.

“I’ve seen helicopters fly over quite a lot, so I know it wasn’t that.

“It was very unusual.”

The sightings come a week after people in the Holme Valley reported strange sights last Saturday.

But after an appeal in the Examiner it turned out the mysterious red lights in the skies were nothing more mysterious than fast-flying Chinese lanterns.

A police spokesman said they had not received any similar calls relating to Sunday’s mysterious sightings.

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