Unknown Object Photographed over
Hunter's Point, San Francisco

UFO - Hunter's Point, CA These are perhaps some of the best photographs of UFOs I've seen to date. They were taken over Hunter's Point in San Fransisco on or around the 28th of June by one of the teachers at a private school in the area.

As it was told to me, the teachers, children, and everyone in the community felt some kind of magnetic energy blast of sorts and looked up. That's when they saw it circling the area.

From what I was told, the movements were not choppy and the craft didn't wobble at all. It had a smooth flying pattern. It also flashed various light patterns as it made circuits about the harbor before flying off at a terrific rate of speed.

In the interest of telling the complete truth of the matter as it was told to me (and fully informing the public), I must also relate this. Hunter's Point is a public housing project. It sits atop a hill beneath which construction on harborview housing units is taking place.

Though the dust from a plot on the construction site contained asbestos, arsenic, antimony, lead and other toxic metals, the community was not informed of this.

It was the determination of the builders that it would be too expensive to move the school and those poor people out before continuing with the construction schedule.

In fact, they would have gotten away with it except some of the construction workers could not live with consciously knowing these people were in danger. So, they blew the whistle.

Anyway, the school administrators, teachers, parents, and community, with the help of clergy, under the direction of Minister Christopher Muhammad, went to war with the city on behalf of the school and the affected community.

It's been a hard-fought battle and it's taken its toll on many of the families who've decided to join the fight against the injustice. Anyway, Min. Muhammad went to visit Minister Farrakhan for advice on how and whether to proceed with the fight.

Well, Minister Farrakhan told him that if God was with him he would get a sign. While Min. Muhammad was on the plane returning to San Fransisco, the sighting took place. It was followed by another nighttime sighting a few days later.

While I will not offer the name of the photographer, I can say that I know him to be an honest man. He, along with the children and everyone in the community did see this craft.

These photos are not doctored in any way and are completely authentic. Further, there is also video of the incident.

I may or may not seek permission to send the video and do an interview with the person who shot it. However, I've been to the school where these photos were taken several times and I've played a small part in the fight for justice in Hunter's Point.

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On July 8, the UFO Casebook received this additional information from the gentleman who reported the sighting.

Update On San Francisco UFO Sighting-Original date incorrect, should be June 18, 2008

More news on the San Francisco UFO sighting. After receiving the photos and sending them to you, I spoke with the gentleman who took the photos. Turns out, he is not a teacher at the school. The initial sighting of the craft occurred eight to ten minutes prior to his arrival on site.

It started with what was thought to be an explosion at the construction site which caused all the teachers and students in the area (as well as residents in the neighboring community) to rush outside.

They looked up and noticed that the craft was sitting directly above the school building. From what I am told, it began making maneuvers overhead. One of the teachers called the gentleman who ultimately took the photos and video.

He told me that there were over 50 witnesses present. Initially, the craft was at an angle at which it was hard to photograph. The photographer told me that he thought, "I wish it would change direction so I can photograph it."

Then, the craft tilted and he photographed it. Then it began to maneuver and stop at various intervals at which he shot more photos. I didn't question him as to at what point he began filming video.

However, he related that there is much, much more to the story than what he told me. I am going to seek more information on the relative size of the craft and its distance overhead, also its speed and whether it made any noise from one of the teachers.

This will help to paint a picture of just what the craft was capable of doing and will rule out the possibility that it was some remote-control operated contraption of some sort.

UFO Pictures, Hunter's Point, San Francisco, CA-06-28-08 UFO Pictures, Hunter's Point, San Francisco, CA-06-28-08 UFO Pictures, Hunter's Point, San Francisco, CA-06-28-08 UFO Pictures, Hunter's Point, San Francisco, CA-06-28-08
UFO Pictures, Hunter's Point, San Francisco, CA-06-28-08 UFO Pictures, Hunter's Point, San Francisco, CA-06-28-08 UFO Pictures, Hunter's Point, San Francisco, CA-06-28-08 UFO Pictures, Hunter's Point, San Francisco, CA-06-28-08

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Hunter's Point - Additional Information 11-30-18

thanks to Bill for sending this to me.

FYI: Some friends of mine who live in S.F. tracked down and interviewed the man who took this picture. A fascinating story.

They also spoke with other Hunter's Point residents who claimed they had seen crafts like this before.

One woman told them she once saw one actually go down into the bay then resurface minutes later and zip away. Why is that interesting?

Because Hunter's Point is the most polluted area of San Francisco. It was a naval shipyard for decades. The toxic pollutants in the land and water there almost qualified it as a Superfund site.

I and others believe that one aspect of the UFO phenomenon is the neutralizing by the Visitors of toxic pollution in our environment. That woman's story gives it some circumstantial credence.

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