UFO Mystery: More Sightings over Harborough
Tuesday, 8th July 2008-A FLYING saucer and a snake-like trail of red lights have been spotted by Mail readers looking to the skies since last week's UFO mystery.

The Mail last week featured office worker Rachael Berry, who saw a shiny, metallic looking ball moving above fields near the Brampton Valley Way on Wednesday, June 25.

She appealed for anyone who saw anything similar to come forward, prompting readers to contact us with their own sightings.

Jessica Ingram and her friend William Turner, of Rainsborough Gardens, were walking home across fields behind Harborough Leisure Centre at about 10.45 pm on Friday when they saw a saucer-shaped object hovering and moving in circles above the town's golf club.

Jessica (16) said: "It was quite large and we could clearly see it even though we were stood very far away. It was high and was in the clouds, we could see it by its lights. It appeared grey, but that could have been the mist. The lights were yellow. We could see it for at least ten minutes. It kept circling over the golf course, disappearing behind trees and then becoming visible again. We were very far away so we sometimes lost sight of it but then it circled back into view again."

Caroline Marriott also contacted the Mail after she saw a trail of red lights in the sky from the window of her flat in Welland Court, Harborough, on Monday last week (June 30).

"They were lined up so they looked like a plane," she said.

"As it got closer I saw it was two lots of lights. Then they started to move really quickly and I thought there was going to be a crash. They sort of 'snaked' along. I was waiting for a loud bang but they appeared to go between the flats. I couldn't believe it."

Have you seen any strange activity in the skies above Harborough or do you have an explanation for the objects seen by our readers?

Contact Mail reporter Ian O'Pray on ian.opray@harboroughmail.co.uk or phone 01858 436005.

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