More South Norfolk UFO Sightings Reported
Lights in the sky: Did you see anything unusual in the sky at the weekend?

Several people have responded to the sighting of a UFO over a south Norfolk village.

The original sighting was over Garboldisham but another Diss Express reader has been in touch to say a mystery object was also sighted between Diss and East Harling earlier that evening, while Tony Sandy, who now lives in Scotland has recalled his 1966 sighting in Diss.

A Garboldisham resident was walking his dog on the village's playing fields when the sighting was made.

The man reported seeing a large yellow beam of light that shot across the sky repeatedly for about ten minutes at about 12.30am on Saturday.

He said: "There's no doubt about what I spotted.

"I frequently walk my dog at night, but this is the first time I have ever seen anything like that.

"It wasn't a plane or anything, it was definitely a UFO I got quite scared."

Garboldisham is midway between Diss and Thetford on the Norfolk-Suffolk border and the sighting is not the first in the area, with Suffolk named a UFO hotspot earlier this year.

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