MUFON Releases Comprehensive Report on Stephenville, TX Sightings
MUFON Stephenville, TX, PDF
MUFON has released a comprehensive report on their radar findings relating to the Stephenville, and surrounding areas wave of sightings reports that began in January, 2008. This amazing report will show that theories of UFOs moving in the direction of President Bush's Crawford, TX ranch were accurate, a theory that I agreed with, and proposed in an article. I posted photographs of the no-fly zone, and proposed the possibility of the Air Force's involvement being related to UFOs approaching the no-fly zone.

However, under direction from a government agency, I was told to remove this page from the Internet. The reason given was that the information and theory might cause "public panic, and public distrust in our government." For fear that I might lose my entire web site, I reluctantly agreed to delete the page from my server. It was only available for a few hours. Hopefully, this will add a bit more credibility to the belief that our government, along with other governments of other countries, are keeping information on UFOs from the general public.

You can download the MUFON-Stephenville, TX Report, which is a 5.5 megabyte .PDF file, from our server.

NOTE: Tonight, Larry King Live will have a report on the Stephenville, Texas sightings

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