Flying Saucer-Shaped Object Photographed in Northwest Coventry, UK
UFO, Northwest Coventry, United Kingdom 08-26-08-Attached are 3 images from 35, of an object which was literally invisible to naked eye. On 08-26-08, I was in my back garden in northwest Coventry sweeping the crystal clear blue sky with my Nikon 8 x 40 binoculars. After a while, I caught sight of a tiny glimmer of light almost at the zenith. I had my 600mm focal length apo telescope with Canon 450D slr on my lap set up for infinity with fast shutter speed.

I made an attempt to get the object in the camera view finder which was very difficult due to very narrow field-of-view, but got it on second attempt. In the camera/scope, object seemed elongated horizontally and was glinting in the strong sunlight. Managed to obtain 35 frames before arms gave way (heavy!). I tried to locate object in binoculars again, but could not find it.

On loading images into laptop, a very unusual 'flying saucer' shaped object was apparent. On a few frames, there seems to be a greenish light on the object! I guess that it could still be a balloon of some sort, but it must have been extremely high to be invisible to my eyeglass-corrected for infinity eyes.

All images taken with a Skywatcher 80ED refractor + Canon EOS 450D digital slr (12mp) 1/2500 sec, iso 400 ,f7.5 ,600mm fl.

Name withheld

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UFO photograph, Northwest Coventry, UK UFO photograph, Northwest Coventry, UK UFO photograph, Northwest Coventry, UK

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