Unknown Object in Photograph of Funnel Cloud in Oklahoma
Oklahoma-06-05-08-It was evening time on June 5, 2008, and my friend and I were driving back home from Ohio to Arizona. We ran into some nasty weather in Oklahoma, probably an hour or two out of Oklahoma City.

At one point it seemed a funnel/tornado was forming, so we used a cell phone to take a picture of it. Once we looked at the photo on the phone later, we noticed a disc-like object hovering in the sky.

I thought it could be a scratch or something, but when I zoomed in, it looked like something in the sky. My friend and I have been showing everyone this photo as we are curious as to what it is. The first photo is the orignal photo, and the second one I cropped around the object so you can see it better.

MUFON Submitter 11141


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MUFON Submitter 11141

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