UFO Pursued by Military Helicopter in Washington, USA

25 June 2008-WASHINGTON, USA - A military helicopter was photographed pursuing a super fast UFO in Washington State, America last week. A High resolution image taken at a speed that freezes the rotor blades of the helicopter could not capture more than a blur of the UFO being pursued. James Gilliland's ECETI Ranch is the location where UFO enthusiasts gather to watch "lightships" at night and hyper velocity UFOs by day.

Mr Gilliland is often ridiculed by the Billy Meier UFO group which appears to claim exclusive rights to authorized UFO encounters. Mr Gilliland said "These photographs were taken by guests with multiple eyewitnesses just a few of hundreds of photos and 70 hours of footage along with witnesses like triple PhD Boeing Engineers, Air Force Base Commanders, pilots like Pierre and Nigel as well as physicists from all walks of life."

Gilliland Ranch-UFO

"This group is well known for attacking all other researchers, contactees, crop circle researchers and anyone outside of their camp. There are several total contradictions in their story, the contacts stopped in the late 70's according to his video and his sons testimony at the International UFO Congress and his Contact notes say there are over 7,000 people being contacted by his' "Advanced ETs" which seem to not always tell the truth"

"As Billy Meier being the only contacted and prophet of, "Spirit Form"what they call God I find this totally ridiculous. Considering his history of being in prison, joining the foreign legion to get out, deserting, then bounty hunting, etc it seems God would have made a little better choice."

Gilliland Ranch-UFO

"His actions and the overwhelming evidence proves to the contrary. Not just the evidence here but around the world. Beware of anyone who says they have exclusive rights and connections to off world visitors and God."

"I believe they did have contact, took some great photos and video but something went very wrong with this group. Maybe the exclusive keeps the members paying on a regular basis part of their income and not looking elsewhere?"

Gilliland Ranch-UFO

The United States government knows something about the UFOs seen over Washington last week as it is the only entity that owns a black Chinook like the one trying to pursue the UFO.

Is the UFO from earth, space, a black ops budget or another world?

The military know something as this light observation helicopter inspected witnesses at ECETI Ranch.

Gilliland Ranch-UFO

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