Repeated UFO sightings across Derbyshire
Could Repeated UFO sightings across Derbyshire be proof we are not alone? 07:30 - 30-July-2008

AN expert has claimed that unusually high numbers of unidentified flying objects have been spotted in the Derbyshire sky this year. Omar Fowler, group leader of Derby's Phenomenon Research Association, which studies UFOs, made the comment after the Evening Telegraph told him about reports of “two floating orange triangles” seen over the city.

He said the organisation would normally receive about 25 sightings a year, but that he was already aware of about 30 in 2008, including eight this month.

Some of these were also coloured triangles, which Mr Fowler, who has studied UFOs since the early 70s and has appeared as a television UFO expert, said were likely to be “alien-controlled craft”.

The most recent objects were seen by a family holding a barbecue in Locko Road, Spondon, at about 10.15pm on Friday.

He said: “It was an orange triangle floating across the sky at about 10,000ft. “A moment later a similar object took the same flight path and disappeared.

“We reported it to the police and they took a record but we've heard nothing since.”

Robert Wibberley, 48, who was at the barbecue, took a photo of one of the objects.

He said: “I just said 'what the blinking hell' was that? We couldn't believe it when the second one turned up.

“We ruled out the idea that they could have been planes or helicopters because there was no noise.”

Mr Fowler, of Sinfin, said there were more sightings of UFOs in Derbyshire than in many parts of the country.

He said last May's Ministry of Defence decision to release reports showing there had been more than 11,000 UFO sightings in Britain in the past 30 years showed interest in spotting them was growing.

Mr Fowler, a former aero-engine fitter for the test pilot school at Farnborough, said: “One of the last reports in Derby was of a blue shimmering craft flying at 10,000ft over Shelton Lock on July 22.

“We've also had reports from people living in the flight path of East Midlands Airport who spotted jumbo-shaped objects with smaller objects following them.

“These people were very knowledgeable about planes and were unlikely to be confused into thinking they were normal aircraft operating.” He said there had been a previous spate of flying triangles spotted in Derbyshire between December 1994 and May 1995, when 52 were seen.

Mr Fowler said: “Certainly these are not British craft. I've spoken to someone working on a project to do with stealth aircraft, who said they could not be the kind of planes he works on.”

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