Photograph Taken on Flight from Rome to Amman Shows UFO
UFO Casebook I was checking out some photos I took during my flight from Rome to Amman, on the 30th of January 2008. I didn't recognize any strange object while I was aboard, but just yesterday I discovered something unusual in one of the pictures I had taken.

The sighting was around over Cyprus-16:48 local time of Italy, on the 30th of January 2008. The shape of the UFO was classic (low edges and domed center), far from the plane, reflecting the orange setting sun rays. Although I was in the plane while I was taking my photos, I didn't even see it with my own eyes. I didn't feel any strange thing. I have three pictures taken at the time, and on one of them you can see the UFO.


Taken on flight from Rome to Amman-UFO

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