Bat-Winged Object Spotted over Royston in UK
UFO Team
9:47 - 14 August 2008

BARELY a week has passed this summer without one national newspaper or another carrying a story about UFO sightings across Britain.

And now UFOs are claimed to have been spotted over Royston, too.

The Crow was contacted by paranormal investigation group Scope Paranormal, which said that four employees on the York Way industrial estate had spotted an unusual object in the sky at 1am on July 25.

The witnesses said that they saw a "bat-winged" shape with an orange circle of light in the middle hovering silently over the industrial estate for about 20 seconds. It then disappeared at speed.

And when Scope Paranormal decided to visit the industrial estate to investigate further, we went to meet them.

Sharon Chesterman, one of the group's investigators, said that most of this summer's sightings can be dismissed as Chinese lanterns, which are often lit and released into the night sky at parties and barbecues.

But she does NOT believe that Chinese lanterns are responsible for the sightings in Royston.

"We are taking this sighting seriously because the shape of the bat wings is very rare and there was also more than one witness," she said.

"Out of hundreds of sightings nationally this summer, we believe this is the first bat-winged object."

According to information released by the Ministry of Defence, the last reported UFO sighting over Royston was on September 2, 2001.

The report states that a witness saw a rectangular-triangle shaped object with a white pulsating light moving north-east.

Scope Paranormal was founded in November 2007 and offers a free, confidential investigation service for all things paranormal, including UFO sightings.

Trevor Shreeve, one of the co-founders of the group, said: "We use scientific techniques to try and prove or disprove whether something is paranormal or a natural or man-made occurrence."

To contact Scope Paranormal, call 01438 235 778 or e-mail

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