Is This the Staines UFO?
Aug 1 2008 By Steve Bax

A reader has sent us this intriguing picture after dozens of people reported strange lights in the sky over Staines on July 9.

Police received eight calls between 11pm and 12.30am about UFO sightings, and this picture was recently submitted to our website by a user, Miss Sarah Jayne Willoughby.

Read what she has to say and see what you think.

"I was walking home from Kingston to my house in Staines and I saw them as I was coming along to staines lesuire centre.

"At first I assumed it was a light show at the leisure centre it self and I live near the park so I thought it could be something going on there but every where around me was empty.

"I couldn't hear or see any one at all. When I got home I took about five pictures of the light while they were moving and it came out as thought they were stars forming a pattern or something but as I looked closer to the photos, zooming into the lights I got weird patterns on the lights, very strange patterns hopefully you can zoom in and look at them more in depth as it really took me by surprise.

"While watching these lights move I noticed they circled around and around in a odd pattern getting bolder then fading then bolder then fading.

"I don't really belive in UFOs but these photos and the fact that there were no laser lights going off at events really surprised me. I don't really understand what these could be."

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