Are Aliens Targeting Wales?
Video Frame Capture
Aug 17 2008 by Ben Glaze, Wales On Sunday

COULD this prove that UFOs are targeting Wales?

Housewife Jane Usher contacted Wales on Sunday with the photograph she believes shows dozens of UFOs in the skies over South Wales.

It follows a series of high-profile sightings this summer, including one by a police helicopter crew near Cardiff.

Mrs Usher claimed she watched in amazement as the crafts buzzed her property while she sat in her garden on a warm summer evening.

Mrs Usher, 38, said: “I was with my husband, aunt and uncle when I spotted a bright orange light coming over the trees.

“Two more came side by side, followed by many more – about 24.

“There was no noise, they just came over. We watched in amazement until they all disappeared.”

Mrs Usher, who was just starting her second glass of red wine and insisted she was sober when the flying objects arrived, rushed inside to grab her eight-megapixel Lumicron LDC825 digital camera.

But despite trying to focus on the lit-up sky, she was unable to capture a clear image.

Instead, she snatched a picture on her two-megapixel Nokia 6300 mobile phone and filmed a 24-second clip, which can be viewed today at It shows exceptionally faint orange lights moving across the night sky as witnesses can be heard exclaiming in amazement.

Mum-of-four Mrs Usher, whose children are aged from 14 to 22, says: “I don’t know what that is. Oh my God!

“How amazing! Look at that, it’s going on forever!”

She was enjoying a drink in the garden of her detached home in Pencoed, near Bridgend, having just finished dinner when she noticed the illuminations approaching from half a mile away at 10.37pm.

Mrs Usher said the objects were at 100ft in the south-west sky and flew over the high-speed Bridgend to Cardiff railway line.

They cruised above the fields backing onto her property before vanishing near pylons alongside the A473 dual carriageway, which leads to Junction 35 of the M4.

“It was pitch black when I saw a big, bright orange light coming over the tree line followed by two more side by side,” said Mrs Usher.

“They were going higher and higher but getting closer and closer. My neighbour came out with her daughter and they saw them too.

“First I thought they could be aeroplanes or helicopters, but when I saw the others there was no way in this world they were planes or helicopters.

“I counted 24 in total, but one by one they just disappeared.”

Mrs Usher admitted she has always believed in extra-terrestrial life, but said her photo and video were conclusive “proof” that had made her “definite”.

She added: “I can’t explain it, but they were absolutely fantastic. If people don’t believe me, tough.”

South Wales Police and the Ministry of Defence said there were no reports of any UFO sightings that night.

MoD community relations officer for Wales, Squadron Leader Peter Sinclair, believes the lights may have been Chinese lanterns released by guests at a wedding reception.

“I have nothing I can put my finger on for that night,” added Sqn Ldr Sinclair.

“But I’m personally convinced they were lanterns.

“Even on a still night or one with very gentle breeze they can travel miles.”

The latest incident, on Saturday, July 12, follows the well-publicised apparent near-miss above RAF St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan on June 7.

The South Wales Police helicopter was hovering at 500ft awaiting clearance to land when its three-man crew spotted a UFO speeding towards them from below. Reports claimed they chased it out over the Bristol Channel before it flew away.

Smash hit American investigative show UFO Hunters, which screens on the History Channel, visits St Athan a week tomorrow to explore the incident and discover if the truth really is out there.

Producer Dave Peroni said: “We have been monitoring what has been going on in Wales over the summer and it has been absolutely crazy.”

Have you seen UFOs over Wales this summer? If so, contact Wales on Sunday by e-mailing: or by calling our UFO desk on 029 2024 3629.

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