Unknown Object Photographed near Plane in UK
Please see the attached picture, taken over Thelmere, Chesterfield, UK at approximately 11 AM, by Tom Best whilst on holiday.

Photo was taken on 09-10-08 with a Panasonic, DMC-FX33.

The photographer related the following information to me via email:

"It's Tommy here, the person who took the photo. I was out cycling and taking photos around Thelmere Lake on Wednesday, September 10, at approximately 11:00 AM, when I heard a jet approaching. I pointed the camera in the direction of the noise and took 2 photos, I did not even see the jet as it happened so fast. Later, when I looked at the photos I noticed there was somthing else near the jet which did not appear to be any plane that I am aware off."

Submitted by Dave Truman

Thelmere, Chesterfield, UK-UFO

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