British Sightings-"It's Time for an Official Inquiry"
Paranormal investigators want Government probe following sightings in Bedfordshire

Leading paranormal enthusiasts have called for an inquiry following a spate of claimed UFO sightings across Bedfordshire this summer.

Last month the Times & Citizen reported that a mysterious object had been spotted in the skies above Clapham and captured on video.

That led to readers from across the county telling us about their own close encounters and now UFO Investigations UK wants the Ministry of Defence to probe the issue.

Spokesman James Hatfield said: "More than 200 people got in touch one day in June claiming to have seen UFOs.

"Normally we receive ten to 15 calls a day. So far we've not been able to explain all the sightings.

"It's time for an official inquiry."

Subsequent reports of UFOs were made in Putnoe, Luton and Leighton Buzzard.

UFO Investigations UK also heard of sightings as far afield as Sussex, Devon and Lancashire.

But Sharon Chesterman, who is the spokesman for, which collects data on UFOs from across the area, said: "You can ask for all the inquiries you like but you are dealing with the Government here.

"They will only tell you what they want you to know."

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