Saturday Night UFO in Aston?
Published Date: 15 September 2008

By Chantal Spittles

ASTON residents were Unusually Frightened Off on Saturday evening when a strange apparition of 35 red fiery lights danced across the night-time sky.

Hilda Moore, of Fair View Drive, was one of many stunned residents who gathered on Lodge Lane to watch the dramatic display which she described as 'stunning but frightening'.

"My husband had gone out into the conservatory for a cigarette when he saw the lights, she said. "There were four huge lights initially, then about 35 equally big ones appeared and moved across the sky in a straight line, before standing still and fading away."

"We don't believe in UFOs or anything like that, but after that we certainly came close to. They were too high up in the sky to be fireworks."

Mrs Moore said the spooky lights seemed to be coming from the direction of the Dinnington-bound side of the M1.

Did you see Saturday night's light display in Aston?

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