Boomerang-Shaped UFO Clearly Seen in Photograph from Brazil
Dear B J,

The name of the person who took this picture is Marcelo Leonardo. He lives in Campinas, Brazil. Take a look in this picture taken in Santa Catarina, Brazil in Urubici Hills.

The object has a boomerang shape when you blow up the picture. The guy who took the picture told me this:

"I was on vacation in Urubici Hills in Santa Catarina State in Brazil. This picture was taken near CINDACTA base. In this picture there appeared a strange object that I could not identify.

I used a PANASONIC camera DMC-TZ1 and I really would like to know what this object could be."

Milton Dino Frank Junior

Presidente do Centro de Ufologia Brasileiro

Urubici Hills in Santa Catarina State in Brazil-UFO

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