UK-Video Footage of Hounslow UFO
Frame grab-Hounslow Video
Jul 11 2008 By Lucy Proctor

Dozens of people have now contacted us about Sunday's night's strange lights - including a teenager with video footage.

Aaron Rhys Jenkins from Osterley saw three lights hovering above him at the Ashford Roundabout on New Year's Eve at around 3 am and recorded them on his camera phone as he watched in awe.

After reading about the recent sightings in the Chronicle he was reminded of the hair-raising experience and handed over this amazing video footage that we have posted in the Your Videos section in Video and Pics.

The 16-year-old said: "It was like two of them flew up and then the other one kind of came and joined them, then they all came into the middle - I think these sightings are the same thing."

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