Woodkirk Woman Spots, Videotapes UFOs
Yvonne Hawthorne
Published Date: 14 July 2008

By Howard Williamson

CLOSE encounters of the first kind seem to be occurring regularly at weekends in a remote area near Dewsbury.

Bright lights hover in the sky, sometimes in a triangular formation, and then apparently fly off at great speed.

They have been witnessed for months by Mrs Lorraine Senior at her home near Woodkirk Valley Country Club. Leeds Road.

Finally, she took some shots of them on her mobile phone camera and showed them to her sceptic al sister, Yvonne Hawthorne, of Beeston.

Yvonne Hawthorne has footage on mobileYvonne, 47, who works on National Express trains between Leeds and London, called at the British Library for a coffee break.

There she showed the eight-minute film to a UFO enthusiast who declared it to be first class footage.

"When my sister first told me the lights were coming near her balcony, I said she was hallucinating," said Yvonne. "But she insisted she was right.

"They come regularly at weekends about 11.30pm and hang around for about 20 minutes. They are oval and diamond-shaped and have multi- coloured lights. Sometimes they fly in a triangular formation and shoot off at great speed."

"I would guess they are about half a mile away. There is nothing in the area but green fields. I'm a believer in them. I have been itching to tell people about them but it's embarrassing unless you can provide footage like this."

A close encounter of the first kind is a sighting of one or more unidentified flying objects which include odd lights and flying saucers. Whereas a close encounter of the third kind, popularized by the Stephen Spielberg film of that name, is observation of animate beings linked to a UFO sighting.

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