Mysterious, Silver Object Photographed by Executive-Woodmancote, UK
4.14pm-UFO spotted in county-16:12-29-July-2008

COULD this be a case for Mulder and Scully?

A mysterious cylindrical silver object, that changed shape as it flew through the air, was spotted in the sky above Woodmancote by sales executive Sarah Catton on Sunday afternoon.

The 24-year-old, who lives in Stockwell, is hoping the truth is out there.

的 was sunbathing in the back garden at about 1 pm.

的 saw this thing in the sky, and I just thought it was very strange, so I took a couple of photos.

的t was way, way up high and moving really slowly, which I thought was odd. It wasn't going fast at all.

的t was blue and glittering. It was sort of spiralling and when it turned it seemed to bend in the middle.

的 have no idea what it was. I was showing my picture to people at work and they said I should come and talk to the Echo.

Sarah says she doesn't particularly believe in UFOs or life on other planets and wouldn't be rushing to see the new X-Files movie out this week.

She said: 的'm not like that at all, I'm not a fan of science fiction particularly or much of a believer in aliens.

的 don't want people to think I'm weird, I just don't know what this thing was.

的 don't know if anybody else saw it, I'm really interested to know what it was.

Did you see the object in the sky at around 1 pm-2 pm on Sunday? Contact the Echo if you did on 01242 271823

Woodmancote, UK-UFO

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