Unknown Objects Photographed in England, 2008
Here is information on the two photographs below. The first photo was taken on the car park of The Mount Pleasant Inn at Wordsley, near Kingswinford, West Mids, England.

I had just purchased a new Digital camera-a Samsung p800 10megapixel. I was testing it out and didn't see the 'disc' in the background until loading pics to my PC!

Anyway... that's when a yellowish/orange 'saucer or disc' shaped machine appeared in the background to the left of the photo. After zooming in, I was amazed at how clear it appears, it's not a bird, a plane, helicopter, blimp or anything I recognize!

None of the five of our party saw the 'thing,' maybe it was invisible or simply going too fast to be seen!

The other picture has an anomaly that wasn't seen at the time either, I had simply taken randoms of the sky, and this dark object appeared in only 1 of the 20 pics I took. I did manage to zoom in closer, and it does look 'disc' shaped.

Also, if you look closely you'll see what looks like a 'scout-orb' or maybe another UFO slightly above the main black disc and to the right.

I am personally very happy with both these pics, and me nor friends or family can ascertain what they are. Both pics were taken a few days apart and during the early part of '008, possibly March/April.

Kind regards as always, and keep up the good work, Col. Foster,

Wordsley, ENGLAND

UFO Picture, Wordsley, England, 2008 UFO Picture, Wordsley, England, 2008

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