Chorley in 'UFO Alert'
Published Date: 23 September 2008

A strange light was seen across Chorley on Monday evening sparking a 'UFO alert' in the town. BAE Sytems worker Neil Simpson was at his home in Saville Street, Chorley, at around 9.50pm when he saw the light in the sky.

Seconds later his partner, who was on her way to work, rang to say she had seen an amazing orange light in front of her car as she drove down the slip road to the M61 at Botany Bay.

Another Guardian reader said he saw a strange light near Cuerden Valley in Clayton-le-Woods minutes earlier.

Mr Simpson said: "I realised no noise accompanied the light. It was not like when there is a helicopter. I rang the police in Chorley because I was curious to find out if anyone else had seen it."

A spokesman for Lancashire Police confirmed they had received details of the sighting.

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More Chorley UFO Sightings
Chorley residents have reported UFO sightings

Published Date: 25 September 2008

By Martin Steinmetz

A mysterious orange light spotted above houses in Lancashire has sparked a string of suspected UFO sightings. Residents across Chorley have come forward after seeing the strange flashing light on Monday evening.

Police have confirmed receiving at least one report but they admit that the cause of the light remains a mystery.

Bob Johnstone from Coppull was watching TV when he spotted the mysterious object moving quickly across the sky, which he said looked like a UFO.

Mr Johnstone, 61, of Coppull Hall Lane,said: "I saw a small round disc shooting straight across the sky when I was looking out the window. I've never seen anything like it before."

Ronnie Hope, 73, of Bolton Road, Anderton, said: "It was just coming up to the 10pm news and I thought I'd just pop out and lock my caravan.

"As I walked from the front door to the caravan... zoom... I saw this orange light going down from where we are near the M61 towards Rivington Park."

Chorley mum Andrea Murray, 36, of Amber Drive, said: "I think it was near Heapey and it looked like a plane but it was only flashing very briefly before it disappeared, which was really strange."

Chorley Council employee Dianne Scambler saw it outside St Mary's Primary School in Chorley after a Monday night meeting.

Clive Abram from Lawrence Lane, Eccleston, said: "It wasn't a helicopter or anything like that. It was something different.

"It looked like a light with a tapered flame at the back."

Lancashire Constabulary said they had one report of an unidentified light in the sky above Chorley and could not confirm whether the police helicopter had not been out in the area at the time of the sighting.

The most likely cause - if it wasn't a UFO - would be a military aircraft, but a MoD spokesman said: "We do not reveal information about or flying exercises."

However it's definitely not the North West Air Ambulance as they stop flying after 6pm.

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