UFO Picture, the Best Proof Yet?

Published: October 20, 2008

A “FLYING saucer” is photographed in daylight over a town — in a snap hailed as one of the most important ever pieces of evidence of alien life.

The UFO shot across the sky in front of clouds above Dudley in the West Midlands.

A startled visitor to Dudley Castle captured the amazing image, and sent it to a police detective who collects UFO sightings.

Yesterday DC Gary Heseltine, 48, said: “It’s a very intriguing photograph that was taken purely by chance

“If it’s genuine, then it could be one of the most convincing pieces of evidence about aliens from the UK ever.”

The photo was taken by a 57-year-old nanny on a day out last April. DC Heseltine, of Wakefield, West Yorks, has now handed it over for study to a former US navy physicist who specialises in photo analysis.

The British Transport Police officer will reveal the findings at the UFO Data Magazine annual conference in Pontefract, West Yorks, on October 25.

Dudley, West Midlands-UFO

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