Mayor Calls for Witnesses after Seeing "Pipe-Like" UFO
Flint mayor, Terry Renshaw
Flint mayor, Terry Renshaw, is asking if anybody else saw a flying ‘pipe-like’ object in the sky above Flintshire

Published Date: 02 October 2008

Flint's town mayor is seeking witnesses after spotting a mysterious 'pipe-like' object in the sky. Flint mayor Terry Renshaw was making lunch at his home in Bagillt at about 1.30pm on Saturday, when he noticed a strange pipe-like object flying through the air.

"I thought at first that it was a plane trailing a big streamer behind it, but then I realised it was something else," he said.

"It looked like a big, flexible aluminium pipe and it was travelling very fast, with no sound.

"I took a picture of it on my camera and carried on watching it for a bit and then it disappeared, behind what I thought was a cloud, but there were no clouds.

"I then looked at the picture on my camera but there was nothing there – just a clear blue sky."

However, the sighting is not the first unusual object to be spotted in Flintshire's skies in recent months.

During the Christmas and new year period, dozens of residents reported seeing a series of strange orange lights travelling quickly across the sky.

So far, no-one has been able to offer a concrete explantion as to exactly what these objects were.

Following this latest sighting, Cllr Renshaw is looking for anyone in the area who may have noticed something similar.

He said: "I have contacted the UFO Society to see if it has received any similar reports, but I have not heard anything from them yet.

"I would be really interested to know if anyone in Flintshire spotted the same thing."

Did you see the object in the sky?

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