Alleged "Leaked" NASA Footage of UFO
Alleged 'leaked' NASA footage
(Editor's Note: Several of our readers have contacted me about the video below. I admit it is very interesting. Allegedly, it was pirated from a NASA transmission. Regarding this, and other similar videos and/or photographs, one must use caution in accepting them as the truth until more information is obtained.)

Information available:

The object seen by the STS 115 ATLANTIS SHUTTLE CREW may have been this DISK OBJECT videotaped in space near the ATLANTIS SHUTTLE.

It is moving away and it looks like it's within the 100 feet range or a little further. This footage has not been confirmed nor denied by NASA nor any other GOVERNMENT ENTITY.

Footage was sent to an anonymous poster who stated on the original posting that this is 'LEAKED NASA FOOTAGE' sent to a TV STATION NEWS satellite receiving dish.

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