Submission: Unknown Flying Objects in Movie Frames
You will not clearly see them by watching the movie, because all 6 come in rapid succession within just over 1 second of time. I took the liberty of taking some photos. I'm sorry for the lack of quality, but all I have is a Sony Mavica and I'm not very good at photography but you can still get the idea of what's on the screen.

There are several lights moving about prior to these sightings but like I said before, these could be pin holes or scratches on the film or they could be the objects before they get close enough to identify.

The first object appears at upper right, second/third upper left center/lower right center just above the water, forth/fifth upper left and upper right facing one another, last, at upper left of center.

These (identified below) are from "Overboard." Time code sequence, 1:32:48 through 1:32:49.

I'm also sending the one that got me looking for possibles in film. It is from "Beach Party" 1964. It is too perfect if you see it in the actual DVD, but who knows and it definitely piqued my interest in searching the older films.

A friend asked me why the editor didn't catch these and I told them that when real film was used to make movies it wouldn't make much difference if they saw it, because they couldn't do anything about it.

With digital it is very easy to remove any and all defects or "evidence." Hence, all television will go to digital in 2009, it's the "LAW."


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