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Pennsylvania Wave, 2008

The Pennsylvania UFO Wave of 2008

Listings in Chronological Order
  • 12-23-08-Unknown Object Photographed over Pennsylvania-12-17-08

  • 12-13-08-Sky Blacked Out by Massive Object, Pennsylvania, 1998

  • 12-10-08-Unknown Object Seen by Family in Pennsylvania-Photograph Taken

  • 12-08-08-UFO Spotters Focus on Outback Skies

  • 12-08-08-Unknown Flying Object Reported, Photographed over Sydney, Australia

  • 11-20-08-Pennsylvania Hunters Make UFO Report

  • 11-14-08-Unknown Objects in Photographs over Menzies, Australia

  • 09-17-08-Unknown Object Photographed in Pennsylvania

  • 09-06-08-Unknown Object near Blimp Photographed in Pennsylvania

  • 09-02-08-Greensburg, PA Man Documents Surging Reports of UFO Sightings

  • 08-20-08-Bucks County Residents Snap Pictures Of Possible UFOs

  • 08-13-08-Unknown Object in Photograph, Pennsylvania

  • 07-26-08-Bucks "Flapping' over UFO Sightings

  • 07-21-08-Unknown Object Photographed over Pennsylvania

  • 07-19-08-UFO in Pennsylvania Described by Eyewitness

  • 07-08-08-Identifying Object in Photograph from Richland, Pennsylvania

  • 07-04-08-See Four Articles on Bucks, Pennsylvania Sightings

  • 06-02-08-Two UFO Reports with Photographs from Pennsylvania

  • 05-28-08-Bird, Plane, or UFO over Lakeville, PA?

  • 04-26-08-Unknown Objects Photographed over Pennsylvania

  • 04-02-08-Unusual Object Observed in Pennsylvania

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