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In reply to my original letter concerning my case investigated by the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, childhood UFO abductions & Milab case, involving being taken to jet hangar aboard naval bus with blacked out windows and black curtains over windows.

When I was about 6 years of age, my family lived in the San Fernando Valley, CA., near the Angeles National forest, in the mountain area of big and little Tujunga. It was at this time in 1952/53, my mom was helping a friend of hers move to another part of the San Fernando Valley. It was night time and we were loading boxes.

In one of the boxes I found an air mechanics industrial pen light, with a powerful light as to see in the aircraft, my mothers friend asked me if I wanted it, anf she gave it to me. I was playing in the upstairs apartment and was shining the light towards the Hansen Dam Reservoir Water Works project built by the Army Corps of Engineers. My mother happened by and told me not to shine the light at the dam as I might make an airplane crash.

Little did anyone know that the airplane was not a plane at all but a UFO, as it was later investigated by the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, founder of (CUFOS) the Center for UFO studies. The good doctor was hand picked by then president Gerald Ford to oversee the United States Air Force, and reports of UFOs in the United States.

The very next day, I, my older brother, and two cousins who lived in the same apartment complex located near the Hansen Dam, were playing outside. I glanced upward and saw a UFO craft that was hovering near the foothills of the Angeles National Forest. I brought this to the attention of my brother, my two male cousins, and other children who lived in the government housing project. I mention the Hansen Dam which is a Federal Dam, as the government housing apartments which also fell under a Federal project. I believe all play into the big picture.

The UFO was hovering over Foothill and Glen Oaks Blvd., two streets nearest the apartments, when it began to move away from the hill and hovered over the apartments. It was floating so slow that us children could wave at the UFO craft, and the occupants of the UFO craft returned the same, by waving back!

The UFO then flew over the playground and came to rest at a 45 degree angle at the foot of the Hansen Dam. All the children saw the UFO craft, but became frightened and return to the government housing project. I remember walking up to this UFO/craft.

I then put my knee on the lowest part of the UFO craft, and crawled the circumference of the UFO. When I reached the opposite part of the craft, there was a small dark hole. I looked inside and saw the most beautiful lights one could imagine!

The colors of the lights were magenta, gold and pinks, this is all I could remember and I awoke walking back to the housing apartments, as I entered my apartment my mother was combing my sister's hair. I was disoriented, as I did not recognize my own sister, and asked my mother if she was Chinese, as in elongated eyes, (emphasis added).

My mother became agitated with me and sent me to my room, and I, at this time, sat down in my red sofa chair, when all of a sudden I levitated upward to the ceiling.

I actually touched the curtains, and the ceiling light bulb which was off at the time. I was touching the ceiling with my hands and my feet dangled freely in the air. I then returned downward to the red sofa chair.

At this time I returned outside where the children were playing hide and seek, as I was just joining the group I had to seek the children. I started to count backwards from a 100 with my eyes closed and resting my face on a telephone pole.

When I got to around 75 I fell into a deep stupor, and when I awoke, I was on top of the apartment 3rd story roof.

I could listen and hear the children, and all of a sudden I found myself standing in front of the children. This process started over and over until the children became frightened, as I would levitate upward to the 3rd. story roof.

The game broke up, and the children, myself included, were watching the grownups pitching a baseball into the air. I asked one of the men how far could he throw the ball upward and he stated, "To the moon kid, to the moon." Remember I was only 6 years of age.

This man tossed the ball 3 times in the air and it would return to his baseball glove, but on the 3rd. pitch we were all looking up when a UFO returned to the housing project. This time it was night, the UFO circled the apartments twice, then hovered over the housing roof. If you were to picture a roll of apartments grass in the middle, and again rolls of apartments, for about half a mile, the UFO would actually touch the roof tops of the apartments roof to roof.

The adults became frightened and asked, "Is it an airplane?" "No" said the men." Is it a helicopter?" Again, "No said the men."

By this time, my brother and myself entered my aunt and uncle's apartment as my parents were shopping for food, while in my uncle's apartment, my older brother cowered near the kitchen stove. I then pulled my aunt's silk kitchen see-through curtains, and the UFO which was hovering overhead on the rooftop of the apartment then tilted downward, and I saw the alien beings standing near a hand railing in the craft.

I will now fast forward to when I joined the Marine Corps in 1964, but first, when my parents took us home from my aunt and uncle's apartment upon their return from shopping, and we were put to bed, around 3:00 AM, I began to levitate off the bed and down the hallway in the prone position with my face looking upward. I then went through a wooden door.

As you well know, abductees have reported this process to UFO investigators. It replayed itself over and over for the next 3 days in the early morning, with me being abducted and taken to a waiting UFO at the foot of the Hansen Dam, as in the first sighting. I told my mother what was happening to me, and she then ripped a white bed sheet into long strips, and tied my leg to my brother's leg, and my arm to my brother's arm.

She then said if they come back for you, they will have to take your brother also. The event repeated itself, but only this time I was tied under my bed: one arm tied to a bed post, and one leg tied to the other bed post.

Let's fast forward to 1964 when I was 17 years of age, and my father signed me up to join the Marine Corps. After boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, CA, I was assigned to H&S Headquarters and Services. My (MOS) military occupational status, was Office Administration, I was given Crypto clearance, just in case some top secret information would cross my desk. This never made sense to me as I did not graduate from high school, but rather took the GED TEST.

Moreover, it was at this time I overheard (2) Marines speaking of a UFO at a secret location in an airplane jet hangar location, where there was a "blue glowing light UFO craft housed at the location." And if you didn't have secret clearance you would be killed by (2) M60 Marine machine gunners on both sides of the hangar. I then was taken to this location along with 11 other Marines on a naval bus, with its windows painted black, and black curtains over the windows.

Preston Dennett writes of this same type of bus with the black painted windows an a UFO housed at a jet hangar location in his book, called "UFOs over California," written in 2006. I was taken aback when I came upon this information by chance, and later spoke to Mr. Dennett.

In my case, when I and the other Marines on the naval bus with blackened windows were seated, I noticed all the Marines sat as if they were drugged, that is stone faced, myself included, we all had on green fatigues, but the next moment we were all wearing yellow jump suits!

When we got to the location there was a jet hangar, which housed the UFO. It was raining when I got off the bus, and I saw a blue light on the tarmac, and because of this, I remembered what the Marines said back at Headquarters about the M60 machine gunners with orders to kill.

When it was my turn to enter the hangar, there was (2) doctors waiting for us, and one of the doctors said don't worry, and that they would be with us at all times. we were given an injection, and at this time, alien beings were brought to us from behind the UFO. I believe this was the first time our government was testing to see if we could and would interact with the alien beings from God only knows where.

Respectfully submitted,

Ruben Sierra

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