Previous Secret UK Files Reveal UFO/Plane Near Miss
Drawing-Depicting Spectrans
Sunday, October 19, 2008

A UFO near-miss had a jet pilot in a panic as he came in to land at Heathrow, previously secret files released reveals.

The captain of the Alitalia airliner was so concerned he shouted 'look out' to his co-pilot after seeing a brown missile-shaped object shoot past them overhead.

The incident happened near Lydd in Kent in April 1991 when a McDonnell Douglas MD80 from Milan was at 6,700m (22,000ft).

Pilot Achille Zaghetti told investigators that he saw a strange object about 300m (1,000ft) above him.

He recounted: 'At once I said, “look out, look out”, to my co-pilot, who looked out and saw what I had seen.'

The pilot said air traffic control then confirmed there was 'an unknown target' some ten miles from the plane.

A TV report on the same day carried a report that a 14-year-old boy had seen a missile flying at low level in the area, note the MoD files made available online today by the National Archive.

But the MoD concluded it had no military origin and that the report must be treated as an unidentified flying object.

Altogether, there are 19 sightings between 1986 and 1992 covered in the ­released online files.

Visitors: ‘Spectrans’ in the file

They include a letter from a woman claiming to be from the Sirius system who said her spacecraft – which also contained two 'Spectrans' with 'Mr Spock ears' – crashed in Britain during World War II. (photo at top left)

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