VIDEO: 'UFO' Spotted over Asfordby in UK
Still Frame Capture, Williams Video, Asfordby, UK
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Published Date: 29 October 2008

By Jonathan McGrady

WEDNESDAY 6.15PM: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it a UFO?

Three Melton men fishing in Asfordby were amazed when three bright lights appeared in the sky on Friday.

Stuart Williams (46) went night fishing with his brother Craig and a friend at the lake off Hoby Road. Stuart was shouting over to his brother when something caught his eye.

Stuart said: "A bright light suddenly appeared out of nowhere, it moved quickly and in a weird pattern."

Knowing people wouldn't believe him when he told them the next day he filmed the 'UFO' on his camera phone and you can see the pictures here.

He added: "I was really scared while I was filming, the lake at night is a pretty spooky place anyway. And I'm certainly less sceptical about UFO sightings now.

"If we didn't have so much fishing equipment we would have ran away." A spokesman for East Midlands Airport said: "Air traffic control logs do not show any aircraft activity in the area at the stated time."

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