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UFOs Cause Fighter Jets to Scramble in Arizona
UFOs, Arizona

March 8, 11:38 AM

by Richard Sanner

Pittsburgh UFO Examiner

Buckeye, Arizona, 3/6/09 - Multiple clusters of light over Arizona Four sets of orange lights were observed in the night sky over Buckeye, Arizona. The lights were grouped in sets of two, three and four, glowing intensely, and blinking on and off in order.

The set of four lights (see photograph at left, on the horizon) were moving south over Buckeye towards the desert, between Interstates 8 and 10. The lights on the cluster of four only blinked off once during an hour of observation.

The witness then saw six fighter jets from a nearby base begin to follow the object. As the jets got closer to the object, the lights went out one-by-one.

The objects returned about two minutes after the jets had left the area. There were two additional sets of three lights over I-10, to the west.

These lights were moving south, but at a much slower speed than the others. The last set of lights were due west on the north side of I-10, and moved in an up and down motion for over one hour.

Triangular-shaped object sighted during launch of Keplar telescope!

Cocoa, Florida, 3/6/09 - The witness lives seven miles west of Cape Canaveral, and frequently watches the launchings of satellites and the space shuttle from her front yard. While observing the launching of the Keplar telescope, she noticed a triangular-shape of lights, flickering on and off, to the left, and north of the rocket.

The witness stated the object remained in the same position for approximately 20 minutes. At this point, she became concerned and went back inside of her home.

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