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Mystery in the Skies over Alto, Texas: See Video
This photograph was submitted by Bonnie and Harry Gibson. The mysterious lights they noticed are visible in the top of the photo.

Posted: Jan 16, 2009 10:25 PM CST

By: Lane Luckie

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - Harry and Bonnie Gibson have hunted on their property near Alto for years.

Dozens of motion sensor cameras keep watch over the animals that roam the piney woods."We put them out so we can track the deer and the hogs obviously, so we'll know what to expect at each feeder." Bonnie Gibson said.

They've snapped thousands of pictures. Each one telling a different story.

"Then all of a sudden, the hogs [came]. Well we saw the hogs and we were like what is that," said Bonnie.

A column of lights appeared to dance in the sky. The infra-red, automatic camera snapped a series of 18 photos over a 15-minute period. The camera does not use a flash that emits visible light. The pictures show a white column of lights moving across a random pattern in the sky.

Her husband Harry said, "[The lights appeared] right against the tree, then on the side of [another] tree. Bonnie replied, "It's the weirdest thing I've seen. The more you look at them, the more you go, what is it?"

While Harry and Bonnie can't explain what the lights were over their property, they are fairly sure it was not an extra-terrestrial. Describing the photographs, Harry said, "You're seeing lights. You haven't seen anything solid."

Bonnie explained the poisition of the camera on a nearby tree. "It obviously faces this way to the feeder and whatever it is, [the lights] moved this way and actually went out of the frame and came back and then it just kind of went down and then it was gone."

With few answers of their own, they've turned to their friends for ideas. Harry said he's received a few interesting suggestions, "Call NASA, UFO's, and whatever. It very well can be."

While Harry doesn't think it was little green men, his military background taught him that there are strange things out there. He said, "I was on radar sites in montana years ago when I was in the service and we'd have things that would come across the screen that were unexplainable."

They plan to keep their cameras pointed toward the skies. Bonnie said if she sees them in person, "I'm gone. I'll meet y'all at the house."

She doesn't plan to stick around to find out what it may be. Bonnie said she will leave that to the cameras.

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