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Witness Corroborates November, 2008 Sighting of Tri in California
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The UFO Casebook was contacted via email by a reader who saw the report, Three Reports: Large V-Shaped UFO Seen over California, Nov., 2008.

He had also seen the object in question on the same night, and wanted to report his sighting. He had already made a report to MUFON, and directed us to the report, which is below:

I was walking my Scotty dog after dark at 6:42 and looked up in the sky and saw a large v-shaped grouping of lights, it seemed about 6 or so starlight intensity lights on each side of the leading edges of the wings of the "v".

The only thing I can compare it to would be the flying wing bombers of the 50s except all I saw were the lights. I first thought it was a jet, but it was too big, flying too slowly, and not making any noise for it to be so big/close to the ground if it was that close.

There was no way to scale the object, which makes it somewhat frustrating. I was trying my best to figure out what size the object was as I was watching it in total disbelief. I held on to a light pole to steady myself as I was looking up at it fly from south to a north/slightly northeast direction.

The only speed I could compare it to would be a jet at crushing altitude of 40,000 feet, so it seemed to be flying somewhat slow. At that height its size would be very small.

I read later about someone in Brazil who saw something that she was able to scale with her fingers held 3 to 4 inches apart at arm's distance. That is how big the object seemed to me. It seemed to be BIG.

The lights were the color of dim starlight, so it wasn't something that would stand out and would be easily overlooked unless you had the fortunate opportunity to look directly in its direction. If 90 degrees was straight up, I saw it at an angle of about 70 degrees, 20 degrees to the west from straight up.

It did have red blinking lights at the ends of the wings, one red light on the wing on the far side of me, and two red blinking lights on the side closest to me. I usually look up at the all the planes flying around the area, and my location being about 6 to 7 miles west of downtown Los Angeles, there are a lot of planes in the sky.

The object crossed the flight path of planes landing at LAX coming in from the ocean flying from west to east before they turn over downtown L. A. to fly into the airport. I thought planes flying in the air would have had to of seen it, how could they not unless it was higher than they were.

Without anything to scale it to, there was no way of knowing how big or how fast it was going, and this is what is still frustrating to me, that I can't figure something that defies any logical explanation or description.

One thing I did make sure to do was to see if the object would block out any stars/starlight that it passed under. The starlight was not blocked out, even between the lights at the leading edge of the object. I can only assume the lights were on the leading edge of the object, but maybe they were at the bottom of it, as it passed from view at about 30 degrees from the horizon.

Also deciduous trees were beginning to hide it from view. If it weren't for the trees I would have seen it at its end as the guy and his girlfriend in the San Fernando Valley would be beginning to see it at 7 PM as they had mentioned in their description.

A few minutes prior to 6:42 PM, a neighbor with his dog was walking away from the object's direction and a jogger was also headed away as well. They both passed us and disappeared from view.

When I saw it I was totally alone except for the dog who was sniffing a bush, she wouldn't have cared if she saw anything anyway. It was a situation of wanting to shout "Hey come out and look at this!" but I didn't want to take my eyes off of it for fearing of losing my sight of it.

It seemed somewhat majestic and beautiful slowly flying across the sky, I thought, as I was looking at it. My nickname for it is also "Battlestar Galactica," and I have referred to it as that since I saw it. I only today, March 8, 2009, have read the other peoples' descriptions, the people from the San Fernando Valley (MUFON 14894), and the family from Long Beach, so I am another who can be added to the list and am wondering who else could have seen it, as it flew over an area of millions of people.

I called KTLA Channel 5 and talked to someone there about it, as I expected other people who saw it would call in and maybe it would have been mentioned in the 10 o'clock news that night, but it never was talked about. There have to be many others who will hopefully someday read of our shared experience and also write of this fantastic, although unsettling experience.

It is something that I think about almost every day when I have some time to myself. Hopefully I have remembered most of the pertinent information. Unfortunately I do not have a computer and am using my mother's computer. I have left information that will allow those at MUFON to contact me, and I would like some day to meet the people in the Valley, specifically, as it was unbelievable that he was describing the direction and time frame of the object as it passed from the South, where I was, to the North, to where they were, within the approximate time frames.



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